Vendor Interests

We offer vendors several benefits.

We are not a traditional private equity fund backed by institutional investors and as such we are not restricted by fiduciary responsibilities, extensive due diligence requirements / decision-making processes and returns targets.

We package and structure transactions that meet the objectives of vendors – and have substantial flexibility to create unique deal terms and thereby assist corporate owners mitigate the risks and liability associated with retaining a business.

Key Vendor Interests
  • Recognises that his business may have limited interest amongst traditional buyer groups.
  • Want to avoid a failed process which may affect the performance of the business and demoralise employees.
  • Would like a fair valuation and terms that enables a full divestment and mitigation of any risk or liabilities, or possibly terms that offers a retained involvement or ownership stake in a business.
  • Prefers a negotiated solution – rather than a time consuming, disruptive and potentially failed auction process.
What We Offer
Our approach is to work in a collaborative way and seek solutions that work for both vendor and GPP – both in respect of the solution but also in respect of transaction process.
Smooth Process
  • Our process is to make investment decisions on an informed yet pragmatic and constructive basis to ensure an efficient and professional process for all parties involved.
  • GPP often makes an unsolicited approach and offers vendor an opportunity to secure a divestment through a one-on-one low-risk process.
  • No risk of a failed auction process as GPP is the initiating party and vendor will only be required to commit late in the process and when the prospect of a completed transaction is much clearer.
  • Discussions typically follow a 2-step “explorative” process which limits owner’s investment of time and resources prior to a firm offer has been presented and the parties have agreed on valuation, terms and transaction structure.
  • Also, in contrast to strategic buyers and traditional private equity buyers who typically are required to conduct extensive and time consuming due diligence to meet fiduciary obligations, GPP takes a more pragmatic approach to commercial and operational due diligence and focus more on the financial aspects and structuring of the transaction.
Win-Win Mentality
  • Work in a transparent and co-operative manner to seek a ‘win-win’ solution.
  • Work in full confidentiality and seek to minimise business disruption.
Considerable Flexibility
  • Consider situations with higher risk and requiring more involvement then traditional PE funds.
  • Willing to take on complexity, liability and risk – actual and contingent.
  • Greater flexibility as to holding period, terms and transaction structuring.
  • Consider complex transaction structures/ carve outs and redemption of existing creditors possible.
Benefits To Seller
GPP’s approach and investment strategy offers clear benefits to vendors.

  • Provides Solution – Vendor mitigates risk and liability associated with retaining a business.
  • Meets Objectives – GPP package a transaction to meet Vendor’s objectives on valuation, structure and execution.
  • Transaction Certainty – Through an explorative process and therefore no risk of failed auction process.
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