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Principal Investing
Investment Strategy

GPP’s investment strategy is to acquire non-core businesses or stand-alone companies in fragmented industries that no longer fit with the owner’s long-term goals.

We target opportunities where a business requires re-vitalisation through strategic and operational improvements and a modified business model.

Green Park Partners – As Principal
GPP is a team of private equity, M&A and operational professionals that bring the skills needed to originate, acquire, transition and establish teams to manage and develop companies in a variety of industries and geographies.

We combine the operational expertise and detailed due diligence capabilities of a strategic buyer – with the seasoned M&A expertise of a financial buyer. This enables us to target businesses across a wide array of industries and markets.

Collectively, the partners of GPP have executed over 50 transactions worldwide ranging from corporate divestitures, turnaround acquisitions, industry consolidations and other special situations investments across a wide array of industries and geographical markets – a number of which have involved cross-border acquisitions of businesses with operations in UK, Europe and Asia.

Exit Solutions For Vendors
GPP work with vendors to structure the most suitable transaction to meet their requirements on valuation and terms and to ensure sustainability of the business under new ownership.
Our Approach
We proactively seek out and identify non-marketed acquisition opportunities and approach owners of non-core businesses to explore their interest in a transaction. We often create a transaction where there was no formal plan by owner to sell a business.
Persistent & Creative
We believe what differentiates us from traditional buyers is that we are persistent and creative. Two qualities which we believe are critical to secure the focus and momentum of an opportunity and to address the many hurdles that may present themselves in a transaction process.

We like complexity and are not afraid to take a contrarian view. We look at an opportunity from different angles and apply a high degree of creativity in seeking workable solutions, both with respect to unlocking a potential transaction and also in terms of the development of an asset.

Value Creation
We believe in sound initiatives to create value.

We believe the best results are achieved when owners are closely involved with their businesses. Our approach is to be hands-on and to work closely with the management team in executing the business plan.

Leverage Network
In addition, we have a broad network of contacts to operational professionals – through professional and alumni networks – both with respect to supplementing a senior management team but also in terms of short-term specialist project involvement and supervisory board positions to assist with the implementation of a development plan.
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